Retirement Planning

Planning for retirement is important at any age. By starting early in your working career you can take advantage of two key elements of investing: time and compounding interest. As you approach retirement age making a retirement plan becomes even more critical. At James T. Borello & Co., our financial consultants have years of experience working with clients of all ages to create and execute an effective retirement plan.

Retirement Considerations

When planning for retirement, you must consider both your goals for the future and your current financial situation and responsibilities. Numerous factors influence your retirement plans including:

  • Your current level of debt
  • Your household operating budget
  • The assets in retirement plans
  • How much amount you can contribute to your retirement plans now and in the future
  • Your expenses during retirement
  • Your educational savings goals
  • Your estate planning objectives

At James T. Borello & Co., we take these factors into consideration when advising on your retirement plans. Our consultants are skilled in handling a variety of retirement accounts and helping clients make decisions as to when to make withdrawals from retirement accounts, when a 401(k) rollover is recommended and whether a Roth Conversion is beneficial. We help our clients create an asset allocation strategy that will ensure their retirement funds last throughout their lives and beyond.

Contact us to discuss your retirement goals.  Our experienced consultants can help you create a financial plan that works for your entire life.