Estate Planning

Making plans for your estate following your death involves weighing many different factors. Developing a solid estate plan can be challenging, as complicated issues often arise. Consulting knowledgeable tax and financial consultants can smooth the process and help make sure your goals for your financial legacy are met. At James T. Borello & Co., our consultants have decades of experience working with clients on their estate plans. We help our clients make decisions about investments and insurance that work with their long-term goals.

Incorporating Retirement Accounts into Estate Plans

When most people think of estate planning, they only think of creating a will. However, there are far more aspects to an effective estate plan than just a will. One important consideration is how your retirement planning vehicles will be used after your death. In many cases, your retirement benefits will survive you and can be a source of income for your beneficiaries. At James T. Borello & Co., our consultants can help you make plans to stretch your IRA into future generations and make it a tool for your estate plan.

Estate and Inheritance Taxes

Understanding how taxes will affect your estate plan is essential. If your estate is valued at more than $5.34 million in 2014, the excess will be taxed at a high rate.  Consulting with a qualified tax professional about your estate plans can help you mitigate some of the effects of estate taxation.

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